Best Stress Relief Advice Available Online

Want to know where you can find the best stress relief advice available online?  If so, you should check out a brand new website and blog at


This recently launched (9/12/11) stress relief website offers some of the best stress relief information and some of the most unique advice for coping with stress available online today. features innovative advice for understanding and coping with stress from Doc Orman, M.D., a physician, author, and stress coach who has been helping people eliminate stress, without managing it, for more than 30 years.


“We are all much more capable of dealing with stress than we give ourselves credit for,” says Doc Orman.  He goes on to say the main reason why we aren’t able to easily cope with stress in our lives is because our minds have been filled with many myths about stress that get in our way.


Doc Orman maintains that the best stress relief advice is to help people correctly understand what is stress, where it comes from, and how to deal with stress most effectively.  He also says that managing stress, while popular today, is not our best option for dealing with stress.


According to Doc Orman, managing stress mainly addresses symptoms, while the best way to for dealing with stress is to identify and deal with its underlying causes.  Here again, Doc Orman explains that we have many myths about the causes of stress that keep most people from using this method for dealing with stress effectively.


You can follow Doc Orman’s unique and innovative teachings about how to deal with stress on his new stress relief website and blog at  You can also sign up for his free monthly newsletter that trains you in better understanding the hidden causes of stress.


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